Grace Peil, Founder; Math, English, & ACT/SAT Tutor  |  grace@studentsociety.com

Grace is a Florida-grown new Denver native who's been passionate about teaching since her childhood. She earned a B.S. in Mathematics and Education from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2010. After graduation, she followed her calling straight into working as a math teacher at Inlet Grove High School and has worked in middle schools and homeschool co-ops since then. She recently became the Director of Education for The College Store and has developed a specialized curriculum for ACT test prep specializing in the minimization of test anxiety. She also holds Educator's certificates in both Florida (grades 6-12) and Colorado (grades 7-12). 

(More info about Grace here.) 

Thomas Leong, Math, Physics, & ACT/SAT Tutor  |  tleong73@gmail.com

Tom is from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. He now lives in Denver, CO. In his free time, Tom enjoys taking advantage of being in Colorado and going hiking, camping, and snowboarding. He also plays hockey and rollerblades. Tom’s hobbies also include photography, astronomy, and drinking tea.

Tom has been tutoring for 4 years, and he specializes in tutoring physics, astronomy, and math, and sometimes substitute teaches math. His favorite subjects to tutor are physics and calculus. Tom is does his best to accommodate his students and be flexible with scheduling. He strives to make a difference in his students’ educations, not only through academics but also in their perspectives of learning and life. He believes in lifelong learning and tries to instill the same appreciation for it in his students. Tutoring offers a more personal opportunity to educate than a classroom, and it allows his to address the individual needs of his students.

Joel Zager, English, Science, & ACT/SAT Tutor  |  jbzager@gmail.com

Joel was born and raised in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate degree. He lived in Jacksonville, FL while attending the Florida Coastal School of Law and in Portland, OR while completing a degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy at Lewis & Clark Law School. Now Joel lives near Sloan’s Lake and loves beautiful Colorado! He loves hiking and exploring the endless new trails that Colorado seems to offer. He plays guitar and is a huge live music fan who goes to concerts and checks out new bands in his free time. Being from Michigan, he has always been a big hockey fan. Joel also loves to travel, and he has been to almost every country Europe and many in Central America. Next up—Asia!

Currently, Joel works remotely for an Intellectual Property law firm that helps inventors patent their work. Because Joel works remotely, his schedule for tutoring is extremely flexible and his appointments can usually be set whenever is best for your busy schedule. Joel specializes in test prep tutoring, both ACT and SAT, and in academic subjects such as English, History, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Government. He loves making a positive impact on his students’ lives! It provides the opportunity to be a mentor, to help his students achieve success, to boost their confidence and help them realize how skilled and talented they are, and also to make a lasting impact. He take his duties as a tutor very seriously and wants nothing more than for my students to surpass their goals! Nothing feels better to him than receiving a call from a former student with the news that they’ve met or exceeded their score goal on an exam. Those are the types of moments that motivate him as a tutor. 

Caitlin Elmer, Math, English & ACT/SAT Tutor  |  caitelmer@gmail.com

Caitlin Elmer grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut, and quickly realized it was not where she belonged. Three years ago, she finally found a place in Denver, Colorado. While not creating lesson plans or doing homework, she loves hiking, snowshoeing, hanging out with friends, and playing with her dog Danny. Also, watching goofy TV shows and drinking coffee. Caitlin really loves, and needs, coffee.

Before Colorado, she went to Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and received a B.A. in Classical Archaeology. With that degree, she traveled to Utah as an outdoor science educator, and realized education was her true passion. She moved to Denver to be a math interventionist for 6th-8th graders, then moved on to working in an elementary special education setting. She holds an alternative teaching certificate as a Special Education Generalist in Colorado. She is currently going to school for a Special Education Generalist license, while working full time as a teacher in a self contained special education classroom. She is passionate about improving skills and self esteem in all students. 

Iona Bartek, Biology & French Tutor  |  ionabartek@gmail.com

Iona grew up in Denver, Colorado and now lives in Englewood. She graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in Microbiology and French. She then attended University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus where she received her doctorate in Microbiology. Iona has been working in a science lab for sixteen years, and currently works in a science lab studying cell biology. She absolutely LOVES science, and is excited to pass that excitement on to others! She also speaks French and enjoys French culture, and yes- French food!

In her free time, Iona likes to go camping, hiking, snow shoeing and doing pretty much anything outdoors. She also loves hanging out with family and friends. She loves traveling and experiencing new cultures, and has visited multiple countries around the world.

Carol Willis, English, Writing, History, Government, Test Prep | carolwillis80631@msn.com

Carol grew up in Indiana, lived in Florida briefly, and has been a Coloradan for a total of 23 years. She attended Goshen College in Indiana and completed her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts/English, summa cum laude, at Regis University. When she’s not tutoring, she works as a freelance writer, editor, and communications specialist. Living and studying in Guadeloupe in the French West Indies for 4 months of college provided a transformative cross-cultural and French-immersion experience that changed her life. Some day she will go back. She’s mom to 3, grandmom to 7 and has friends across the generations. In a world of coffee lovers, Carol will go for a cup of good strong tea any time. Put her around water, and she comes alive. Reading, thrifting, and creating with textiles give her joy. And her pies are legendary. 

Carol homeschooled her own children, which is how she got started tutoring. She loved teaching writing and literature to groups of homeschoolers, and then she substitute taught for 4 years, including a couple of long-term assignments in middle and high school. She approaches tutoring as a collaboration based on mutual respect and trust. As Carol gets to know students, she looks for ways to ignite sparks within them that will touch off the joy of lifelong learning. When they gain confidence and skills to reach their own goals, she has reached hers.

Natalie Marquis, Elementary & Special Education Tutor  |  natalie_marquis@dpsk12.org

While we do not offer elementary tutoring, we highly recommend our elementary tutoring partner, Natalie Marquis.

Joining us from Oklahoma, Natalie is a special education teacher and has been teaching for 12 years. She is a wife and mom of two kids, ages 7 and 9. They moved to old town Littleton a year and a half ago for her husband's job, and they absolutely love it! She enjoys reading and hiking in her spare time and loves the summers in Colorado! Teaching is Natalie's passion, and she believes helping kids find success and boosting their self esteem is priceless.