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Make college cheaper with these scholarships.

"My child got into college. Now how do I pay for it?" This is a common inquiry with parents, and finances are a unique situation for each family. While getting more money from schools and the government is a tedious job reserved for college advisors (such as our affiliate The College Store), we compiled a list of some local and national scholarships that can sweeten the bitter tuition bill. 



College Opportunity Fund

Technically a stipend, not a scholarship, this is available to in-state students who attend a Colorado college or university. Money is allocated based on credit hour enrolled in and on whether the school is public or private. Apply once prior to your first semester, and the money will sent to your school each semester that you attend an eligible school. 

Daniel’s Fund Scholarship

Deadline: November 13, 2016

This need-based scholarship and mentorship program is for students with good grades who also demonstrate leadership skills, community involvement, and strong character. It is annually renewable and will cover all educational expense for four years in addition to providing support for scholars. 

Celebrate the West Art Competition

Deadline: April 30, 2017

For the artistically inclined, The Western Governor’s Foundation sponsors a contest for 2D art inspired by the West. There is a $1000 grand prize, a $500 runner-up, and $200 for a finalist from each state.

Stuck at the Prom

Deadline: May 31, 2017

Duck Tape brand holds a competition each year for the best prom attire made out of Duck Tape. There are prizes for both couples and singles, ranging from $1000-$10000. 

Greenhouse Scholars

Deadline: January 2017

This need-based scholarship is for students with leadership skills, community service, good grades, and perseverance. In addition to financial support, Greenhouse scholars receive mentorship and opportunities for networking, professional development, and research grants.

Dottie-Walker Scholarship

Deadline: March 4, 2017

This scholarship form the LEAD Foundation is for students with a documented learning disability, including ADHD. This $1000 award requires a 2.8 GPA or higher, proof of disability, and letters of recommendation.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Deadline: March 1, 2017

Request application by February 1, 2017

Tall people only may apply for this $1000 scholarship. Male applicants must be at least 6’2”. Female applicants must be at least 5’10”.

Toyota TeenDrive365 Scholarship

Deadline: February 23, 2017

Make a 30-60 second video to promote safe teen driving. Winners receive between $1000 and $15000, and the top winner will also have their video made into a real ad spot. 

Mikkelson Foundation

Deadline: April 14, 2017

These two $3000 scholarships are for students with high academic achievement who are interested in pursuing a STEM major in college. This application requires references and a personal statement.


Call or email the financial aid offices at potential schools. Some schools may have scholarship lists or applications they can send you. Some schools, like Metro State, has a general application for students to fill out that the scholarship office uses to apply students to any scholarships for which they are eligible.

Check with any community organizations that you or your family are involved with, such as clubs, churches, foundations, and unions. Many organizations have scholarship funds available that are not well-publicized (and consequently not as competitive as more popular scholarships).

Register with scholarship search engines online. FastWeb,, and Scholly (not free) are all good resources. 

Take advantage of these scholarships and tips to ease the burden of the greatest investment in your student's lives. And for help with any tough applications or scholarship essay, reach out to us here at Student Society.

Courtney Grimm