Student Society News

Welcome the South Broadway Study Lounge.

At the beginning of the summer, we started looking for the perfect place to open our study lounge. Our standards were simple- large open space and close to local high schools. We are happy to announce that we have found it! We are super excited about our convenient location and all of the amenities that we will be able to provide.

Our Study Lounge is being designed with the ideas of parents and students. We will have a comfy hang out area for relaxing and recharging, a collaboration area with tables, and a standing desk section for student who need a kinesthetic-friendly way to study. Our free snack and drink area will give students the energy they need without having to make distracting trips to Starbucks. Likewise, we will have free printing and all the school supplies needed to complete projects and assignments. 

We will be staffed with tutors ready to help with homework and excited to motivate students to keep on track. We will also have weekly events to encourage students to learn outside of school and live healthy, balanced lives. We want all of our students to succeed in their personal and educational goals, and we want to create the perfect space with the support to make that happen. 

On the corner of Belleview and Broadway, our 5 miles radius encompasses Littleton HS, Englewood HS, Arapahoe HS, Heritage HS, and multiple other middle schools and alternative schools. 

You can find more info on pricing in the Services section of the website. 

Below are some photos of the space. Think of them as our "before" photos. We will keep you updated as the project develops! Make sure to put our launch party on August 26th on your calendars!

Until next time.