About Us

Our Story

In 2012, our founder, Grace Peil, started tutoring part-time while continuing to teach in the public school system. She found it frustrating that the way the traditional classroom was structured made it impossible to give all of her students the one-on-one instruction that they needed in order to succeed. When her tutoring schedule filled up (very quickly!), she decided that she wanted to tutor full-time instead of returning to teaching in a school. From here, Grace knew she needed to starting bringing more tutors on board to help with the work load and variety of subject areas.

Thus, Student Society was created in 2014. Grace carefully hired tutors that she knew would have the same passion and consistency as she did. We started as an exclusively in-home tutoring service that traveled around the greater Denver area. With test prep as our main focus, our tutors collaboratively wrote our fool-proof test prep curriculums which have had a 100% success rate of raising all of our students' scores.

In August 2016, Student Society opened the doors to its study lounge, which we describe as a tutoring center-Starbucks-library hybrid. Our vision was to create a space that students could come to focus on homework and studying, even when they didn't have tutoring appointments. The best part is that it is completely free to use the facility, which includes wifi, coffee, snacks, and school supplies. 

Now, in the fall of 2018, we have decided that going completely mobile is the best choice for our business and our clients. We primarily meet in local coffee shops and libraries, but we can also arrange to meet in your home. We are well equipped to deliver high-quality online tutoring as well with our online whiteboard platform.

Our Philosophy

It's simple- students perform better when they know that they have support. This is the backbone of our programs, and we have seen amazing results, while building long lasting relationships with our students. Many school systems and corporate tutoring companies (for liability reasons) have cut out the most important part of learning- the rapport built between a student and their teacher. We believe this why the education system is failing to completely serve our kids, and we want to fill that need.

Our tutors strive to not only help their students in a specified subject but to be instrumental in all areas of their academic life. Because of this goal, our tutors text their students between appointments to provide extra help, email their students' teachers to advocate for them, and build time into every tutoring session to check grades and create/ revise plans for continued progress.

We truly believe that all of our students are intelligent, and it is our job is to give them the tools to excel in their academics using their strengths. This confidence building method of instruction is what enables our students to succeed inside and outside the classroom. We knew crafting our services to meet our standards wouldn't be easy, but we are passionate about coming up with new methods to help each individual learner. We want to create something, with you, that's better for all students everywhere.

Our Founder

Grace Peil, Founder

Grace Peil, Founder

Grace Peil is a Florida native who moved to Denver about 5 years ago, bringing her deep passion for education reform with her. She earned a B.S. in Mathematics and Education from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2010, and, after graduation, she followed her calling straight into working as a math teacher at Inlet Grove High School. Since then, she has worked in middle schools and homeschool co-ops in both DPS and JeffCo. She was the Director of Education for The College Store, where she developed her own specialized curriculum for ACT test prep specializing in the minimization of test anxiety. She also holds Educator's certificates in both Florida (grades 6-12) and Colorado (grades 7-12). Grace's favorite part of her job is the flexibility that it gives her to effectively help each of her students without having to jump through the hoops of the education system. 

Grace is a wife to Chris, a school psychologist in LPS, and a mom to Leighton, her energetic 3-year-old daughter. She is a stay-at-home-mom during the day, and a tutor and business owner in the afternoons/ evenings. In her (little) free time, Grace is an exercise and Paleo-diet enthusiast that loves to set fitness goals and cook up creative, healthy meals. She also prides herself on her fashion sense and home decor style... on Pinterest.