Who We Are

Located just north of the Belleview and Broadway intersection, Student Society is a local tutoring company formed through years of experience by former teacher, Grace Peil. We believe that teaching students while going through a mentorship process is what builds confidence and ultimately leads to success. This philosophy is the backbone of our company. We want students to focus on more than just one class or one grade. Our tutors strive to help them see the big picture in their education.

What We Do

Our team of highly motivated tutors cover middle and high school subjects and are available to help students by appointment in your home, a common meeting place, or online through video chat. We specialize in standardized test prep with well developed curriculums to help with test taking skills and test anxiety. 

What Makes Us The Best

This is the part where we brag. Our tutors take their jobs as not only academic teachers but also mentors very seriously. It's these relationships with their students that enable our students to thrive in school and develop a love for learning. We implement skills such as smart test taking, organized studying, and overcoming test anxiety into all of our tutoring on top of helping with content mastery. And best of all, our tutors are available to help between appointments via text and video chat. 


Yes, we said textamonials. Since our tutors communicate directly with our students and parents, we thought these real conversations would be the best testament to the impact that our tutors have. 

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